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NOTICE: Parliament has now been dissolved and there are no sitting MPs. Sir Paul Beresford is not currently an MP and any reference on this site to him being an MP pre-dates the dissolution.

Welcome to the Mole Valley Conservatives website. The aim is to provide you with regularly updated news items from your local Conservatives and Elected Representatives.

The Mole Valley Constituency is the largest in Surrey. There are two main towns and 30 or more villages of varying sizes, with large sections of semi-rural and rural areas in between. Residents have the advantage of easy commuter access to London while still enjoying the benefits of living in the green valleys of Surrey.

Having just had the results from the local elections the Conservative Party is working hard in the local area to represent and improve the lives of all of the residents in our constituency. 

With lots of fantastic events, please make sure you check out our events page!

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Mole Valley MP calls on newly elected Guildford Councillors to right the wrongs in the Local Plan. The Guildford Conservatives in the Mole Valley Wards of Guildford Borough Council have fought the threat of the Local Plan against the lost of Green Belt status of the villages in those wards and of Wisley. For many years this campaign has been led by  Paul Beresford along with the Mole Valley GBC Councillors and candidates.

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